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Italian Food Trading

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Quality Food Groupage is the core of our business. Over the years, our chefs have selected the best producers and developed the experience necessary to guarantee a quick service at competitive prices.
Our strong point is managing the delivery at a controlled temperature of non-frozen food, according to a rigorous safety system. We take care of national and international transport as well as of the distribution and stocking of high quality Italian products.
We also carefully select the products that we present our clients, trusting in reliable partners, leaders in their area, in possession of certifications to guarantee the product's high quality.



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Find a great range of high-quality Italian products chosen for you from our chefs.


  • D.O.P. GORGONZOLA CHEESE, 1/8, GRAN RISERVA LEONARDI 14.42 € / Pz da 1.50 Kg 9.61 € / Kg Buy
  • "VECCHIO" GRANA PADANO PARMESAN CHEESE, (10/12-MONTH AGING), KG 4, MA.VI 50.04 € / Pz da 4.80 Kg 10.43 € / Kg Buy
  • DOP BUFFALO MOZZARELLA, GR.125x12pc IFT 17.70 € / Ct da 1.50 Kg 11.80 € / Kg Buy
  • DOP ROMAN PECORINO CHEESE WHITE CRUST 1/16 CAO 15.74 € / Pz da 1.30 Kg 12.11 € / Kg Buy
  • DOP VALPOLICELLA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL ML.750 BONAMINI 10.36 € / Pz da 0.75 Lt 13.81 € / Lt Buy
  • SAN MARZANO PEELED TOMATOES, TIN, 3/1 (6 PC X BOX) SOLANIA 5.46 € / Pz da 2.05 Kg 2.66 € / Kg Buy
  • CURED HAM "NAZIONALE 7+" 14/16-MONTHS AGING, SOAVE STAGIONATO 122.51 € / Pz da 7.50 Kg 16.33 € / Kg Buy
  • GOURMET PARMA CURED HAM, PRESSED/NO BONE, 24-MONTH AGING, GHIRARDI 154.07 € / Pz da 7.00 Kg 22.01 € / Kg Buy
  • HAM WITH PORK RIND, IFT, GOLD 56.84 € / Pz da 8.00 Kg 7.11 € / Kg Buy
  • ROASTBEEF 3 KG MEGGIOLARO 61.95 € / Pz da 3.00 Kg 20.65 € / Kg Buy


We bring the best Italian quality directly to your kitchen.

Our aim is to manage the delivery at a controlled temperature of non-frozen food, according to a rigorous safety system. We operate in the food sector with highly-qualified professionals with many years of experience, and we can manage any type of order, from the smallest to the largest.
We offer complete solutions for restaurants, pizzerias, hotels, catering companies, fast food chains and for anyone who might need a quick, efficient, and high-quality service. We have opted for a large warehouse, with controlled-temperature cells, so as to ship the orders in real time.
We carefully select our products and our partners, offering very high-quality Italian products.

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