About us

About Us

We are a company from Verona, a leader in "Quality Food Groupage", founded by Nicola Bressan, an expert Chef and connoisseur of the strategies in food import-export who has combined his passion and knowledge to create Italian Food Trading.
We base our work on sincerity, honesty and professionalism, values on which we focus to achieve our goal: to better meet the needs of our customers by offering the best products on the market.
For many years we have been selecting and exporting throughout Europe and the world food destined to restaurants and catering services, as well as managing the transport of temperature-controlled items. Our products are top quality and they are born from the collaboration with industry-leading companies.

What we do

Our company takes care of selecting and exporting a wide range of excellent temperature-controlled food destined to restaurants, pizzerias, hotels, catering companies and anyone involved in the food sector. You will, therefore, bring to your table real Italian flavours, appreciated all over the world, and able to meet the needs of the most discerning palates.
Our customers can order the goods to measure, in unlimited quantities and with a very short delivery time. Our all-Italian quality is now exported with increasing success in countries like England, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Russia, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Greece.

We can guarantee the value of our products thanks to the cooperation with reliable partners with whom we share a passion for high quality products. Furthermore, we monitor firsthand the origin of the products and ensure they are stored at constantly-monitored temperatures.