Felicetti - Biologic pasta born at 1000 meters in harmony with nature
Felicetti - Biologic pasta born at 1000 meters in harmony with nature

Felicetti - Biologic pasta born at 1000 meters in harmony with nature


The Felicetti pasta factory is one of the best known Italian companies specialized in the production of organic single-grain pasta.

It was born in 1908 thanks to a courageous and winning intuition of grandfather Valentino Felicetti who, against all odds and in an unusual territory for producing pasta, such as that of Predazzo, managed to transform a company that made matches and wooden crates into a pasta factory specialized.

The roughness of the Dolomites has never been an obstacle for the company but, on the contrary, this uncontaminated area of ​​the Val di Fiemme has favored its growth.

The secrets of Felicetti's success are to be found in the set of values ​​carried forward and which have distinguished the family for over 4 generations such as passion, devotion, tenacity and vision but, also and above all, by the potential of the territory where the spring water it flows uncontaminated and mixes with the pure mountain air.



The water that flows uncontaminated is conducted from a source dedicated directly to the pasta factory. It will meet the grain as it is, bright as the diamond, fresh as the rock that embraces it, naturally clear, transforming itself into that dough that, worked with patience, restores the character and soul of the ingredients intact. From water to water, when the pasta meets the heat for the final transformation, that of cooking. Al dente, seasoned in a thousand ways and a hundred. For hunger and appetite.

The mixture just modeled by the bronze dies in various forms, real sculptures of mechanical goldsmithing, calls the air to turn into golden nuggets: it is the moment of drying, when the most impalpable, but certainly not the least important , agents intervene in the production process: the pure air of the Dolomites.

Valuable ally, it comes after passing through rocks, forests and glaciers and after capturing the very spirit of the mountain. The aroma of the pasta being cooked is the epitome of all this, at least as much as a thousand words.

Everything translates into a quality journey where the adamantine charm and purity of spring water and the crystalline transparency of the mountain air meet the gold of ripe wheat.

Working in an enchanted place that knows how to be tough has pushed the Felicetti family to dialogue with nature, love it and respect it in a fruitful exchange of energies.



The company sets itself ambitious goals and promises to achieve them through concrete and targeted actions, which can at the same time protect natural resources, promote biodiversity, respect the balance of ecosystems and safeguard the environment.

Two methods are used to produce energy today: a photovoltaic system that covers 10% of the needs and a cogeneration system of electricity that transforms the heat of a natural gas boiler into energy.

The company has invested heavily in the production of pasta through a particular still artisanal production process. As Riccardo Felicetti explains, “when the wheat arrives at the company, it goes to the analysis laboratory, its characteristics are read, it is analyzed and then it goes on to production. It is a concept of craftsmanship rather than production ".

As for future growth, Felicetti aims to stand out more and more in the production of organic durum wheat pasta in Italy and abroad, not so much with the idea of ​​conquering markets unexplored by others, which is somewhat difficult, but to make itself known and recognize for the quality of its monograno.