Italian catering, some data between innovation and tradition
Italian catering, some data between innovation and tradition

Italian catering, some data between innovation and tradition

The restaurant sector in Italy continues to be a fundamental pillar of the national economy, representing a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. According to the latest 2023 report published by FIPE, Italian catering has achieved an impressive turnover of 43.5 billion euros, confirming the importance of this sector not only as a custodian of culinary heritage, but also as an engine of economic growth.

Industry Overview
2022 saw a total of 335,500 businesses active in the restaurant sector, highlighting a varied composition of activities that contribute to the dynamism of the sector. These companies are divided into three main categories:
- Bars and other similar establishments without kitchens: These establishments, which number 136,101, are often the first point of contact with Italian coffee culture and essential socializing places in cities and small towns.

- Restaurants and mobile catering activities: With 195,329 businesses, this category represents the backbone of the sector, offering gastronomic experiences that vary from traditional cuisine to the most innovative, without forgetting the growing importance of food trucks and mobile catering.

- Canteens and Catering: Although smaller in number, the 3,620 canteen and catering businesses play a crucial role, providing essential services in corporate, educational and event contexts, continually adapting to the needs of a large and diverse audience.

Youth Entrepreneurship in the Sector
A particularly stimulating figure concerns youth businesses, which constitute 12.3% of the total catering businesses. With 48,408 businesses led by under 35s, the sector shows a vibrant influx of new energy and ideas, fundamental for the innovation and future sustainability of Italian catering. These young businesses are often at the forefront of adopting new technologies, sustainability and customer approaches that differ from traditional methods, indicating a promising direction for growth and adaptation.

Opportunities and Challenges
The value and composition of the Italian restaurant sector offer numerous food for thought for operators in the HO.RE.CA sector. It is essential to not only continue to offer high-quality products and impeccable services, but also to innovate and respond dynamically to emerging trends. Companies that are able to integrate culinary traditions with the new needs of a global market will have greater opportunities for growth and success.

For distributors and suppliers, such as Italian Food Trading, this data represents an invitation to support these businesses by providing excellent products and efficient logistics services, and by providing them with tools to speed up the ordering process and retrieval of useful information.

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