1st Edition HORECA DAYS - Anacapri 22/23 MARCH
1st Edition HORECA DAYS - Anacapri 22/23 MARCH

1st Edition HORECA DAYS - Anacapri 22/23 MARCH

The countdown has begun for Horeca Days, the first hotel and restaurant trade fair on the island of Capri.
The San Michele hotel in Anacapri will be the setting for an important two-day event, promoted on the initiative of the sommelier Gabriele Massa, which will see dozens of companies in the sector on display on 22 and 23 March next, from 10.00 to 18.00. At the event, aimed at the whole world of hospitality, the presence of over fifty owners and producers of the companies that have joined is expected.

GOLD STAR OIL: The oil for professional innovative frying, greater yield, greater savings, more health for your customers and for the environment.

ITALIAN FOOD TRADING: Iberian pork or Iberian meat represents the triumph of taste. Unique of its kind thanks to the pig breeding and preparation processes.

Prosciuttificio Soave: A tradition that has lasted for 4 generations. Over the years, grandfather Piero's knowledge has been passed on to four generations.
Today the teachings based on an artisanal type of manufacturing are put into practice as in the past, making the products of the most valuable and refined workmanship.

OLICANTHO: It is the organic hemp oil extracted from cold-pressed seeds, through an accurate production process that allows to preserve the unique taste and the high nutritional value of this plant of Wellness.

Meracinque: A company made up of 5 sisters that produces a unique Carnaroli rice thanks to the use of an innovative method.
The different drying and aging of the grain are just 2 of the many characteristics that distinguish this rice by preserving its nutritional properties and guaranteeing excellent cooking resistance.


Nihonshokken: Japanese company that produces blended products. For the occasion, the 2 best references were selected:
TERIYAKI SAUCE (suitable for meat, fish and vegetables). It is a high viscosity, gloss and brilliance sauce with a soy flavor that enhances the natural flavors of the ingredients.
TEMPURA BATTER MIX is a new tempura that stands out for its crunchiness and keeps for a long time by absorbing less oil.


Lo Specialista: Company specialized in tiramisu with an innovative shelf life and ability to preserve the product. It is safe thanks to a double pasteurization of the egg, free of thickeners, preservatives and flavourings, it can be kept for a year in the freezer and lasts 10 days in the fridge at 4 degrees.