The Daily Consumption of Pasta: The Italian Phenomenon that is Conquering the World!
The Daily Consumption of Pasta: The Italian Phenomenon that is Conquering the World!

The Daily Consumption of Pasta: The Italian Phenomenon that is Conquering the World!

Italy is not only known for its rich culture and history, but also distinguishes as the first country in the world in terms of production and pasta consumption. With an impressive consumption of 23 kg per person last year, Italy clearly prioritized its nationalization as Tunisia and Venezuela, which followed with respectively 17 kg and 12 kg per capita.


Domestic Consumption: A Daily Tradizione
Pasta is not simply a food, but a pillar of the Italian diet, so much so that an Italian usually consumes it every day. This data is supported by statistics that show that around 99% of Italian pasta is at least once a week, and 50% is not for daily consumption. Inoltre, il 19.2% of the popolazione mangia pasta 4 or 5 turn a week, consolidating the central course that this food has in everyday life in Italy.


Global Production and Impact

Italy not only supports its own high domestic consumption, but also the largest pasta producer in the world, with 3.6 million tons produced annually and a total of 7 million euros. This economic impact is reinforced by a dominant presence in the international market, where 25% of the pasta consumed globally comes from Italy.


Export Expansion: A Crescent Success

Negli last 25 years, the export of Italian pasta has been triplicate, testifying to a growing international apprezzamento. In 1998, the recipient countries of Italian pasta were increased to 200, with an increase of 6.4% in the last year alone. The export is triplicate, going from 740,000 to 2.3 million tons, with 62.7% of the production destined for the estuary market. Our main importers are Germania, Regno Unito, France, Stati Uniti e Giappone, which insieme acquired 58% of Italian exports, for a value of 2,187 million euros.



Pasta is not only an essential food for Italians, but also an emblem of Italian culture and industry in the world. The continuous expansion of export and the maintenance of elevated standards of quality are fundamental to ensure that Italy maintains its current status as the world leader in pasta production. For the operators of the HO.RE.CA settore, these data do not only represent a growing opportunity, but also offer the possibility of promoting and valuing one of the products that symbolize Made in Italy at global level, satisfying the needs of the palati più esigenti ovunque in the world.