Biologic Spirulina algae pizza: properties and benefits
Biologic Spirulina algae pizza: properties and benefits

Biologic Spirulina algae pizza: properties and benefits


Spirulina is a dark green algae found in tropical and subtropical brackish waters.
The chlorophyll gives the typical dark green color and its shape resembles that of a spiral; hence the name "spirulina alga".

At a food level, we note that spirulina algae has a very distant tradition. Its first use seems to date back to the times of the Romans who used it to feed the African populations.
Although the main nutritional properties or benefits were not known at the time, the seaweed was soon also used in the diet of pre-Columbian civilizations.


Nutritional Properties

Spirulina is a strong energizer, it contains mineral salts such as Iron, Potassium and Magnesium.
It has a high protein ratio and an excellent amino acid and lipid profile.
It is also characterized by a high concentration of vitamins including those A and B, beta-carotene, and vitamin E.

It also contains essential fatty acids with high amounts of gamma linolenic acid capable of improving blood cholesterol levels, normalizing blood pressure and enhancing the functionality of the immune system.

To these are added other benefits including:

  •          Increased muscle toning through vitamins and proteins:
  •          Obvious drop in the level of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides;
  •          Acceleration of metabolism without acting on the thyroid;
  •          Detoxification of heavy metals;
  •          Ability to act as an antioxidant;
  •          Regulation of blood pressure and the balance of sugars present in the blood;
  •          Inhibits inflammatory allergic reactions;
  •          Effective against anemia thanks to the high presence of iron;
  •          Strengthens the immune system.

As listed, a correct "dosage" between certain vitamins, phycobilins and other pigments, gives spirulina noteworthy antioxidant properties. In this way the seaweed is able to protect the body from damage such as premature aging, neurodegenerative diseases and some forms of cancer or atherosclerotic disease.


Other benefits

Spirulina algae can be seen as a valid alternative to supplements, very often used by athletes to improve their performance.

It is a natural remedy that is also useful for quickly reaching your ideal weight by exploiting the rich presence of vitamins and minerals that act as enzymatic cofactors to support energy production during particularly intense muscular effort.

The protein ratio of spirulina (65-70 g per 100 g of food), makes the product extremely nutritious even for those who do not take sufficient quantities of amino acids, who follow a diet that is rather deficient or devoid of food of animal origin, covering their needs .

Another feature is the cell wall of the spirulina algae. It, being mucoproteic and free of cellulose, gives it a good digestibility.

Finally, many researches confirm how its use can accelerate the appearance of satiety and for this reason it finds space in dietary-behavioral therapies.


Flour with spirulina algae in pizza dough

Ingredients: for an optimal dough it is advisable to follow the following doses:

  •          1000g INFIBRA Cereals & Seeds with Spirulina;
  •          600ml water;
  •          extra virgin olive oil 50g;
  •          10g brewer's yeast, 20g salt.



  1.        put the flour, part of the water and yeast in the tub and spin at first speed.
  2.        Add the salt, switch to second speed adding the remaining water and oil. If you want to add additional seeds, add them at the end of the mixture and stir for another minute. Make point 1 hour in bulk.
  3.        Break up and shape as you like.
  4.        Let the covered dough rise for about 2 hours at room temperature.
  5.        Cook at about 180 degrees for 35/40 minutes.
  6.        Once out of the oven, re-bake to dry the faces.


To give a little more elasticity, it is advisable to use 80% of the dough with spirulina algae and 20% normal flour to give it a little rib.

The rising times always remain the same.

The dough appears to be imperceptibly a little more greasy as it is an oiled flour.

To avoid breaking the dough, the diameter should not exceed 32 cm in order to give it a thicker shape.

The flour with spirtulina algae is distributed by Italian Food Trading.
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