Soave ham factory: tradition and craftsmanship a stone's throw from Verona
Soave ham factory: tradition and craftsmanship a stone's throw from Verona

Soave ham factory: tradition and craftsmanship a stone's throw from Verona

The excellences of the Soave Prosciuttificio

Favored by a fortunate geophysical combination and a particularly mild and breezy climate, located at the foot of the Soave hills and caressed by a light breeze, the historic company of the Masconale family has always been appreciated for its cured meats and its top quality meats. .

The artisan plant was expanded in 1980 in order to devote itself to the curing of pieces of whole meat including raw hams, speck and lard following the old tradition handed down by grandfather Piero, precursor of the business. Over the years, the knowledge of grandfather Piero, precursor of the activity, has been transmitted to four different generations, first to his son Carmelo and then to Marco Masconal, the current owner of the ham factory together with his son Luca who put into practice the teachings based on an artisanal workmanship as in the past, make the products of valuable and refined workmanship.

Soave Riserva raw ham and Goccia di Soave Entire are two of the flagships, the result of maniacal care and attention to the smallest detail.





 Goccia di Soave is presented as a top quality culatello with rind, or as one of the finest and most sought after Italian cured meats because it derives from the noblest part of the pork leg.

 The seasoning varies from 12 to 16 months, the drop is made with national thighs and characterized by a sweet and seasoned meat with a beautiful bright red color. The scent and taste are unattainable.

 Its seasoned weight is 5-6 kg.




 Only the most beautiful thighs become reserve. Precisely for this reason it is considered as the most prized ham of the production.

 The maturation lasts more than 14 months and only the legs of national pigs born and reared in Italy are selected, as indicated by the identification mark of the Italian breeding.

 Soave Riserva raw ham is handcrafted, it is sweet, fragrant, fragrant and pale red in color with a balanced fat / lean ratio. Boneless by hand.

 Its weight with bone varies between 9 and 10.5 kg; boned between 7 and 8 kg.


For both products, the ancient processing methods and ancient recipes have been maintained, always preferring human input during processing in the most scrupulous observance of the great tradition of the sector.

The cured meats of the Soave Prosciuttificio are distributed by Italian Food Trading.