The secret of mozzarella

We often believe that it is only for its artisanal production that a mozzarella becomes a guarantee of quality and genuineness. Today we reveal the existence of the real secret, of another little known element that really makes the difference between the dairy products in circulation. His name? The graft serum.


Caseificio Palazzo

In Puglia there is a small dairy that over the years has become a cornerstone of the territory. Dairy Palazzo, known for processing with graft whey, has been a solid reality since 1957 and, thanks to its productions, it has managed to make itself known not only in Italy but also abroad.
In addition to the goodness of the raw materials, the craftsmanship of the processes characterizes the processing of Caseificio Palazzo, which guarantees authentic products, able to tell the flavors of the places in which they are born. In fact, since 1957, Caseificio Palazzo has been producing all its cheeses using the traditional method of acidification of milk with whey graft.


Discovering the graft serum

The whey is a liquid rich in lactic ferments that triggers the transformation of milk.
The dairy product obtained from the grafting whey technique is something unique and distinguishable that makes the cheeses recognizable by the intensity of the aromas and flavors.
This ingredient activates the fermentation process not by means of citric acid, as it normally happens, but thanks to the action of lactic bacteria that change from cheese to cheese and which give rise to the actual dairy product, in a completely natural way.

Advantages of the product

There are numerous advantages deriving from the use of this ingredient, in particular a lower concentration of lactose, only 0.5 g% against 1% of products that use citric acid.
The products obtained are characterized by superior organoleptic qualities, for a reduction of salt very suitable for those suffering from hypertension, for a better digestibility of the cheese through a smaller molecular composition of lactose and for a more consistent and intense taste.

Great attention to consumers

All products made using the traditional method of milk acidification with whey are free of additives and preservatives.

The graft whey guarantees wholesomeness and genuineness which translates into a choice of quality and respect for consumers, who are offered a product of great gastronomic value, safe and highly usable, even by those who are lactose intolerant, in fact "the populations lactic acid present in the whey, in addition to carrying out the fundamental action of reducing the pH, completely consume lactose during maturing as in the case of caciocavallo, so much so that it can be safely taken by lactose intolerant people; they also "break up" into smaller molecules, such as peptides and amino acids, thus facilitating the digestion process of the cheese. "