Today we celebrate World Pizza Day: origins and curiosities
Today we celebrate World Pizza Day: origins and curiosities

Today we celebrate World Pizza Day: origins and curiosities

Loved all over the world, protagonist of studies, books, fairs, challenges, experiments. Round, in a pan, Neapolitan, Roman: hers is her majesty the pizza.

Like every year, World Pizza Day is celebrated on 17 January, a day to be dedicated to this gastronomic product symbol of Made in Italy, to its history, its variations, its immense goodness, capable of always making everyone agree .

The origin of Pizza Day:
Why is World Pizza Day on January 17th? On this date we celebrate Sant'Antonio Abate, patron saint of animals, bakers and pizza makers.

The day was established in 2017, when it received the official title of World Heritage Site by the UNESCO Committee for Intangible Cultural Protection.

A day to perhaps honor the most loved and eaten dish in the world. As also reported by Gambero Rosso, "8 million pizzas are baked a day throughout the peninsula, for a total of almost 3 billion in a year and a turnover of 15 billion. An economic movement that exceeds 30 billion, according to what was reported by the Cna agri-food survey".

Abroad, according to the latest available data, there are 72 thousand restaurants and pizzerias run by Italians and they collect over 27 billion euros a year.

Among the favorite flavors, the classic margherita is confirmed as the queen of pizzas. Loved for the essentiality of the ingredients, the tradition and the simplicity in tasting it, the classic tomato and mozzarella is at the top of the preferences of the Italians. Followed by the devil and the capricious, respectively in second and third place. In fourth position is the marinara, while the margherita with buffalo mozzarella ranks fifth. Followed by some great classics such as Napoli, the sausage and chips, especially loved by the little ones, and the 4 cheeses. The classification is closed by sausage and greengrocer.